Jasmine is currently teaching group classes on

Magnetic Island in Far North QLD, Australia.



Tuesday pm - 5.30 - 7 

Nelly Bay Esplanade under the trees by the sea

Yin and Yoga Nidra

Wednesday am - 7.30 - 8.45 

Tamarind Tea House, Arcadia

Morning Vinyasa flow

Wednesday am 9.30 - 10.30

Magnetic Island Community Care

Gentle Seniors Yoga

Must call to book in advance

Wednesday pm - 5.30 - 7 

Nelly Bay Esplanade under the trees by the sea

Evening Vinyasa Flow

All classes are $15 which includes yoga mats, props and any other equipment necessary, call ahead or simply drop in. Classes are designed for varied levels.


Please visit for more group classes available on the island.



Over my years exploring yoga as a healing modality, I have attended many teacher trainings and workshops demonstrating different aspects of yoga from dynamic strong flowing Vinyasa, to therapeutic Vini Yoga, grounding and introspective Yin Yoga, meditative Yoga Nidra and insight mindfulness practices and I weave these diverse influences together to build unique, dynamic group yoga classes that are accessible to all levels.


 I appreciate the power of yoga in teaching us that every new day brings new challenge and opportunity, that life is transient and it is important to loosen the grips and expectations that we place on ourselves and in our lives.


My goal as a yoga teacher is to share what has impacted me so positively with the hope and intention of allowing my students space to find this same inner peace, stillness and equanimity of mind through the yoga practices of Asana (the physical postures), Pranamaya (working intimately with the breath) and Dharana (mind control through contemplative/meditative introspective practices) to ultimately bring balance between the three; body, breath and mind. By allowing a platform for my students to experience the deeper facets of themselves and to hopefully discover with in them selves the power to heal and to awaken dormant potential through yoga using techniques that bring awareness from the gross down to the more subtle, refined aspects of our being.