Jasmine Matus

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Creative

The ancient practice and teachings of Yoga have positively influenced my life ever since the first moment I set foot on a yoga mat some 20 years ago.


As a result of many hours spent on and off the yoga mat in deep inquiry and reflection, I learnt a new, intelligent and intuitive way of exploring the body-mind system and a more gentle way of being.

A long and interesting road of study, from humble beginnings to becoming a fully certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher; I now share my passion for yoga and help others unlock their innate potential, so that they can live the most fulfilled version of themselves, whatever that may look like from individual to individual.


My intention as a teacher is to create a container for exploration that may foster change and growth so that individuals can discover a more integrated version of themselves. Ultimately, to reduce suffering, overcome personal challenges and find peace and stillness through the power of these potent and sublime yogic practices.

Qualifications & Training


  • 300 hr Advanced Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher training, with Octavio Salvador and The Practice, 2021.

  • 50 hr teacher training in Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Body Image with Sarah Ball, 2021.

  • Somatic Yoga teaching certification Level 1 and 2, 2019 and 2020

  • Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists Tamil Nadu, India, 2017

  • Yin Yoga training with Sarah Powers in Sydney, Australia, 2015

  • Radiantly Alive 100 hr yoga teacher training, Anatomy, physiology and yoga therapy, Ubud, Bali, 2013

  • Radiantly Alive 200 hr intensive yoga teacher training certification Bali, 2012

As a teacher, I weave diverse influences together to build a unique, dynamic group or private yoga classes that are accessible to all levels.


 I appreciate yoga's power in teaching us that every new day can bring new challenges and opportunity. That life is transient and as such, it is important to loosen the grips and expectations that we place on ourselves and in our lives.


Healing can be invoked by allowing a platform for students to experience the deeper facets and layers of themselves and to discover within, the power to awaken dormant potential.


Techniques that bring awareness from the gross down to the more subtle are applied, refined and explored so that in hope, we are able to touch on something deep within that is unchanging, serene and vital.