Jasmine Matus

Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher

The gift of yoga has positively impacted my life ever since the first moment I set foot on a yoga mat some 15 years ago.


I deeply enjoyed the practice, a new way of exploring the body and the gentle way it taught me to be still, listen and slow down the chatter in my mind.

An opportunity to connect with something Universal.




After years of attending group classes, I wanted to learn how to share yoga with others so they too could experience the positive benefits that I had. 


A long and interesting road of study (I will forever be a student), from humble beginnings to becoming a fully certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher; I now share my passion for yoga and help others unlock their innate potential, so that they can live the best version of themselves.


The intention is to create change and growth to discover a better version of ourselves, to reduce suffering, overcome personal challenges and find peace and stillness through the power of simple yoga practices.

Qualifications & Training


  • Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists Tamil Nadu, India, 2017

  • Yin Yoga training with Sarah Powers in Sydney, Australia, 2015

  • Radiantly Alive 100 hr yoga teacher training, Anatomy, physiology and yoga therapy, Ubud, Bali, 2013

  • Radiantly Alive 200 hr intensive yoga teacher training certification Bali, 2012

Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy

A multifaceted and in-depth Advanced Diploma course that encompasses all areas of healing on the physical and deeper energetic planes. Spanning three and a half years, seven modules and an internship in India at Dr NC's Yoga Therapy Centre in Chennai.


Dr N. Chandrasekaran is a hands-down master of this field. A Western medical Dr and Yoga Therapist, he offers a rare understanding of the human body and mind.


Having studied and worked alongside the late Great Desikachar for over 2 decades, Dr NC is for sure one of the most experienced in this field.


Yoga Therapy has proven time and time again to be a powerful and effective healing modality that empowers individuals of all walks of life and health to take their own health into their hands via the application of the age-old tradition of Yoga wisdom and practical techniques.