1:1 Tailored Support​​​​​​​

I would love to be of service on your journey as you find balance and shift old stored survival stress.


Over 8 weeks we'll meet online and/or in person if you are local, and will take an in-depth look at all aspects of your life mental, physical, emotional and energetic.


From our findings we will develop achievable goals and strategies for you to work with to shift from overwhelm and stress to balance and ease.


This will include awareness practices, reflective exercises, breath and meditation practices, as well as movement.

The work that we do together in the 1:1 context will be highly individualized based on your needs.


We will assess how and where you store stress, and how you uniquely cope and come up with tools and strategies unique to you so you can feel supported and resourced. 


My intention is to be there for you as a support and help you find a way that works for in your life to build in more awareness, vitality, connection and relaxation.




  • Wellbeing assessment to help achieve more vitality and energy. (Physical, mental, emotional, energetic).


  • Personalised practices to help achieve relaxation goals.


  • Your own unique "first-aid" tool kit to help you calm your nervous system, stay grounded and in control.


  • Vagal tone & tune up so strengthen your ability to connect to yourself and to others socially.


  • Mind tune up to eradicate old stress and limiting beliefs.


  • Techniques and practices to help you feel creative and free.


  • Unlimited support vial email and voice messages.


  • Bonus 14 yoga videos on demand.



8 Week 1:1 Relaxation Therapy and Stress Support

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  • Once payment is recieved, you will recieve an email from me to will set up a 30 minute strategy call to discuss our time together and make dates and times to meet for our 1:1 sessions.