Group Yoga classes are an amazing way to open students up to their unique potential. They can help us grow and connect with ourselves and the community, however, they rarely offer the space to fully appreciate the student's needs on an individual level.


Enter Yoga Therapy -

Be supported in a one to one Yoga Therapy consultation tailored to suit your personal needs.


A personal practice is specifically crafted to the needs of each individual in a one on one session. This can bring great healing and shifts on many levels when the student adheres to their daily personal practice.

Yoga is applied in all its diverse and wonderful forms to generate the self-healing mechanism in the body, mind and beyond.

The duration of an initial consultation runs for about two hours and consists of discussion around the student's history, physical observation, palpation, movement and pulse diagnosis.


Following this, a personal home practice is tailored for you based on findings from the observations and your personal practice is then taught and refined.


It is then strongly suggested to have two follow up consultations to check on the progress of your practice, see how it feels in your body and from there, we can adapt, add or remove anything that doesn't quite suit you and build on the practice.


It is then required of you to maintain this daily practice for optimal results in your personal healing journey. All 3 sessions are included under the initial fee.


It is recommended to continue with your personal home practice (if possible) on a daily basis for a period of around two months before coming for further consultation in where we build on the initial practice and progress to building more into the practice to expand and deepen your transformation healing journey through yoga therapy.


3 x Sessions (first 2 hrs, then 2 x follow-ups 1 hr each)

Total $210.  

Please note that this is a requirement to continue with regular sessions.

Further progression post 3 session package $75 for 1.5hrs


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"You are the sky - Everything else, it's just the weather"

- Pema Chodron